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About PISA
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PISA was setup this year in April 2005 at the Parkville campus of Monash University also known as the Victorian College of Pharmacy. It is the body that represents all international students at the Victorian College of Pharmacy, which includes undergraduate, postgraduate, study abroad and foreign exchange students. PISA is run under the the auspices of the Monash Parkville Students Association (MPSA). PISA is also linked to the Victorian Pharmacy Students Association (VPSA), Monash International, and Monash University International Student Services (MUISS). Beside international students, PISA membership is also open to local students to further facilitate interaction between local and international students.

The objectives of the Association are to:

1. To promote and represent the intellectual, material, social, sporting and cultural interests of international students enrolled at the University at local, state and national level and matters incidental thereto;

2. Protect the welfare interests of international students in Parkville

3. Promote and facilitate cultural exchange, friendship, understanding and awareness amongst international students and locals

4. Promote interaction between all international students across all year levels

5. Afford a recognised means of communication between international students and the academic and administrative authorities of Monash University

6. Promote interaction among all Monash campuses or within the Monash community


PISA committee member 2005

Parkville International Students Association (PISA)
Victorian College of Pharmacy(MONASH UNIVERSITY)
381 Royal Parade Parkville
Melbourne 3052 VIC