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PISA Constitution


1.0  NAME

1.1 The name of the Association shall be the Parkville International Students’ Association (Monash University-Victorian College of Pharmacy)



2.1 In this constitution, unless otherwise defined:


2.1.1 “The Association” means the Parkville International Students’ Association;


2.1.2 “University” or “VCP” means Monash University-Victorian College of Pharmacy;


2.1.3 “international student” means a person who holds a student visa issued by the authority of the federal government of the Commonwealth of Australia and who is enrolled in a course of study at the Monash University(Parkville campus)-Victorian College of Pharmacy;




The objects of the Association shall be:

3.1 To promote and represent the intellectual, material, social, sporting and cultural interests of international students enrolled at the University at local, state and national level and matters incidental thereto;


3.2 Protect the welfare interests of international students in Parkville


3.3 Promote and facilitate cultural exchange, friendship, understanding and awareness amongst international students and locals


3.4 Promote interaction between all international students across all year levels


3.5 Afford a recognised means of communication between international students and the academic and administrative authorities of Monash University


3.6 Promote interaction among all Monash campuses or within the Monash community





4.1 All international students currently enrolled in courses offered by the Parkville campus of Monash University are automatically members irrespective of courses being undertaken.


4.2 Interested local students may apply for membership for the International Students’ Association




5.1 The Association shall be governed by the PISA committee




6.1 The committee shall be responsible for developing the policies of the Association pertaining to matters relevant to the interests of international students,


6.2 The committee shall convene at any available time to consider reports from any standing, sub or ad-hoc committee,


6.3 The committee shall carry out activities and duties which may be necessary to fulfill the objects of the Association which are relevant to the interests of International Students.


6.4 The committee shall have the power to form and dissolve any sub-committee to manage activities as it sees fit


6.5 The committee shall promote the recognition of diversity in decision making throughout the international student community and the principles of equity in the university


6.6 The committee shall play an active role in disseminating information to international students about developments that affects them


6.7 The committee will have the authority to make final decisions on all issues that are purely specific to international students at the Parkville campus of MONASH UNIVERSITY within the constitutional purposes of PISA


6.8 The committee members shall hold an office term which lasts from 1 September to 31 August annually


6.9 The committee shall meet at least thrice per academic semester. The Vice President of the Association is responsible for informing committee members about the venue, date, time and agenda of forthcoming meetings


6.10 The President of the PISA will chair meetings of the committee except in inevitable events that the President would have to appoint the Vice-President to chair meetings in his/her absence




7.1 The President shall

7.1.1 Be the official spokesperson of PISA

7.1.2 Have the discretion to call PISA committee meetings as he or she deems appropriate

7.1.3 Chair the meetings of the PISA committee with a casting vote only

7.1.4 Chair the Parkville International Students general meetings ('PISGM'), the Parkville International Students extraordinary general meetings ('PISEGM') and all other meetings conducted under the aegis of PISA;

7.1.5 Have the discretion to appoint a nominee, to assume his or her position as chairperson where he or she is absent and the general secretary is absent or where the President temporarily vacates the chair;

7.1.6 Be responsible for the overall supervision of the operations of PISA and have the discretion to delegate this supervisory function to whichever committee member he or she sees fit;

7.1.7 Approve payment for expenditure committed in accordance with the PISA budget.



7.2 The Vice-President shall

7.2.1 Be the chief spokesperson of PISA in the absence of the President

7.2.2 Be the primary assistance to the President in carrying out his or her duties

7.2.3 Be responsible for the internal management of the general committee

7.2.4 Act as a deputy chairperson for Committee and Annual General Meetings

7.2.5 Monitor and oversee the task/activities organized by the Association


7.3 The Secretary shall

7.3.1 Be responsible for the administration and correspondence of PISA

7.3.2 Prepare and keep the minutes of meetings

7.3.3 Organize and manage AGM, GM and other such gatherings


7.4 The Treasurer shall

7.4.1 Supervise, manage and keep record of all financial matters pertaining to PISA

7.4.2 Have the power to sign cheques for withdrawal from the PISA account

7.4.3 Coordinate the budgetary process for the approval of the PISA committee

7.4.5 Prepare the written end of academic year and office term financial report

7.4.6 Be responsible for the sponsorship programs for PISA events and projects


7.5 The Liaison Officer shall

7.5.1 Be responsible for ensuring communication between each member of the committee

7.5.2 Be responsible for assisting the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer with any special assignments given

7.5.3 Assist in coordinating activities with regards to getting each member to play a more effective role in activities

7.5.4 Assist in liaison across all year levels, Monash ISAs, Monash staff and Monash International


7.6 The Publicity Officer shall

7.6.1 Be responsible for addressing issues affecting international students

7.6.2 Be responsible for the publicity of the education, welfare and services issues affecting international students.

7.6.3 Be responsible for the publicity of PISA activities


7.7 The Publications officer shall

7.7.1 Be responsible for the publication of Print material related to PISA

7.7.2 Be responsible for producing updated material regarding education, welfare and services issues affecting international students

7.7.3 Be responsible for the publicity of PISA events and activities through print material

7.7.4 Be able to work closely with the Publicity Officer in all PISA events and activities


7.8 The Welfare officer shall

7.8.1 Be responsible for addressing welfare issues affecting international students

7.8.2 Be informing international student’s bodies of pertinent issues in areas of welfare

7.8.3 Be organizing events, activities or workshops to promote awareness for the international’s student’s welfare on campus

7.8.4 Be responsible for monitoring the development and implementation of services of PISA


7.9 The Events Coordinator shall

7.9.1 Be responsible for the planning and co-ordination of the activities of PISA


7.10 The General Representatives shall

7.10.1 Assist in the handling of all general affairs of PISA

7.10.2 Take up special assignments when so decided by the committee




8.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held no later than the end of October of each year and the Committee shall present to the meeting an Annual report, copies of which shall be forwarded to any interested party at the discretion of the Committee.


8.2 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held if:

8.2.1 The Secretary receives a requisition to this effect with the names, signatures and student numbers of at least 20 students, and with the motion to be considered on each page: or

8.2.2 The Committee so decides.


8.3 The Committee may call a General Meeting (including the Annual General Meeting) by placing a written notice on notice boards throughout the University or/and on members’ email list at least seven days prior to the meeting stating:

8.3.1 The time, date and venue of the meeting;

8.3.2 The business to be transacted


8.4 A quorum for a General Meeting shall be 50 members entitled to vote


8.5 The President of the Association shall be Chairperson of a General Meeting.




9.1 Annual Elections


9.1.1 The Annual Elections for the Association shall be as follows: An election for the President of the Association is to be held in September of each year An election for the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Publications Officer, Welfare Officer, Events Coordinator, and General Representatives of the Association at the first meeting of the Council immediately following the election of the President of the Association


9.2 The President is to be elected by and from the PISA committee for a period of one year


9.3 The Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Publications Officer, Welfare Officer, Events Coordinator, and General Representatives are to be

elected by the committee members for a period of one year.


9.5 The President must appoint a Returning Officer for the annual elections. The Returning Officer must not be a candidate for election.


9.6 Nominations for the annual elections must be opened at least 3 weeks before the annual elections.


9.7 All nomination forms must be signed by a full member of the Association other than the nominee





10.1 Members elected to positions at the annual elections and persons elected or appointed to positions hold office from the time of their election or appointment until their successors take office


10.2 Any member who resigns shall present an official letter of resignation to the PISA committee at least 2 weeks prior to the resignation


10.3 Any PISA committee member shall be relieved of his/her post and power where a no-confidence motion against him/her post is passed by not less than a 2/3 majority vote during a Committee meeting.


10.4 Where there is a termination under the operations of Part 10.0 clause 10.2, 10.3, the PISA shall notify members within five (5) academic days after the termination in PISA publications or by notice on the PISA notice board.




11.1 Sources of Funds

11.1.1 The funds of the Association shall be obtained from Subscriptions or Fees collected Grants Any other sources approved by the PISA committee


11.2 Budget

11.2.1 The PISA committee shall set the budget for the Association for each semester no later than the first month of the academic year in Monash University (Parkville campus)


11.3 Management of Funds

11.3.1 The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the proper management of the funds of the Association

11.3.2 The Treasurer shall ensure that fair and true accounts of the Association are kept

11.3.3 The treasurer of the Association must present the current financial report before the committee when requested by the committee


11.4 Cheques

11.4.1 All cheques must be co-signed by the Treasurer and the President, or in the absence of the President, the Vice-President


11.5 Non-profit Clause

11.5.1 The assets and income of the Association shall be applied solely to above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the Association except as annual dinner funds and as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the association


11.6 Regulations

11.6 The PISA committee may make such decisions as it sees fit provided that such Regulations are consistent with the Constitution and endorsed by a majority of voting members present at the Committee meeting at which they are submitted


11.7 Interpretation of the Constitution

11.7 Where uncertainty arises, the Rules take priority in the following order

11.7.1 Constitution

11.7.2 Regulations


11.8 Amendment of the Constitution

11.8.1 This constitution may only be amended by a majority of committee members at a general meeting voting in favour of the amendment which has been circulated with the notice of the meeting to be held.


11.9 Dissolution

11.9.1 The Association may be dissolved by a motion of a General Meeting

11.9.2 Upon dissolution, all funds and property of the Association shall be vested in MPSA with the proposal for the betterment of student facilities on campus



Parkville International Students Association (PISA)
Victorian College of Pharmacy(MONASH UNIVERSITY)
381 Royal Parade Parkville
Melbourne 3052 VIC