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By Tram
Tram No 19(NORTH COBURG) is one of the ways by which students can arrive at VCP. Just take any NORTH COBURG tram from Elizabeth St in the city and stop at Tram Stop No 16 (Opposite Optus Oval) to reach the Victorian College of Pharmacy.
By Car
For students who are driving to VCP, there is all day FREE parking available at the zoo and 4 hour parking at Optus Oval. Free and Ticketed Parking is also available along Royal Parade for 4 hours.
By Train
Catch the Upfield line and stop at Royal Park. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to walk to VCP from Royal Park train station.
One of the cheapest ways to get to your accomodation is to contact MONASH INTERNATIONAL if you are a first year student at Monash University. There is a FREE shuttle bus service that is provided to all first year students upon arrival in Melbourne. Just remember to contact the Monash International Officer on campus, Jaci Blumhagen, to see about transportation arrnagements. *For students not in first year, you will be charged a certain amount if you elect to use the shuttle bus service provided.
Another way to get to the city is by using the SKYBUS. Go to and check out the departure times and the prices as they might go up every year. The bus will drop you in Spencer St Station and from here, you may elect to take a taxi. The fare from the airport to Spencer St station using a 1-way ticket on the Skybus is AUD13.00.
Another way is to take a taxi. At the arrival hall, you can walk outside the terminal and choose to take a taxi to the city. A trip to the city would cost about AUD 35.00 depending on traffic situations and which part of Melbourne city you would want to go to. If you are travelling to suburbs further away, be prepared to pay about AUD 70.00-AUD 80.00 should you wish to travel to Clayton.
The contact number for Silver Top Taxi is 131 008
More information regarding public transport in Melbourne can be found at

Parkville International Students Association (PISA)
Victorian College of Pharmacy(MONASH UNIVERSITY)
381 Royal Parade Parkville
Melbourne 3052 VIC