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Accomodation at Parkville 2006
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Accomodation in Parkville campus for 2006

In Parkville, since there is no on-campus accomodation provided. Students are recommended to stay at the following residential colleges under Melbourne University as they are nearer to VCP.
1. Ridley College
2. Whitley College
3. International House
4. University College
5. St Hilda's College
They can be found at the Melbourne University's accomodation website links.
Besides that, students can also opt to live in places like
1.College Square
2. Arrow on Swanston
3. Sissons Apartments
4. Europa
5. La Trobe House
6. Wills Tower
These places are some of the apartments that are built as student housing.
Other than that, in Parkville, normally, people tend to look for their own place to live at from real estate agents.
It is recommended that an international srudent would need to go to websites such as to get an idea about the rental prices in this area.
Hotels that have offered a special rate to Monash Parkville Students are
1. Vibe Hotel
2. Ramada Inn
These 2 places are along Royal Parade in Parkville.
Check out their prices on
and tell them that you are a Parkville student, you might just get it cheaper than what you expected.

Parkville International Students Association (PISA)
Victorian College of Pharmacy(MONASH UNIVERSITY)
381 Royal Parade Parkville
Melbourne 3052 VIC