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Wish you were here...

At PISA, we held all types of activities to cater your every need so that you can come here and live your dream. If you are a sports aficionado, we have ping-pong competition and soccer tournaments to keep your adrenaline rushing. If food is your cup of tea, then you will enjoy our activities such as sushi day. For those more lively, then there's the hip-hop dance class as well as karaoke night. We also hold migration seminar so that you know what to do if you wish to stay back in Australia and do you pre-registration year here after graduating. Here's a summary of the activities we organize in 2005:

1. Membership Drive

A membership drive was held on the 11/4/2005-13/4/2005 to actively promote PISA and to further encourage local students to participate in activities organized by PISA.

2. Migration Seminar

A migration seminar was held on the 2/5/2005 for all international students to to further facilitate their understanding of what they may need to do if they wish to stay back in Australia and do their pre-registration year here after graduating.

3. Ping-Pong/Table-tennis tournament

The ping-pong tournament was held on the 10/5/2005 at the Cossar Hall . It comprised singles (mens and womens), doubles (mens and womens), and mixed doubles. Singles winner received a $50 voucher each whereas doubles winner was rewarded with a $100 voucher per team.

4. Sushi Day-Japanese Food

A variety of Sushi were sold this day in VCP to provide an alternative to normal campus food. There was an excellent response from the VCP community, who snapped up all the mouth- watering sushi being sold that day.

5. Karaoke Night 2005

The KARAOKE NIGHT was jointly organized by PISA and Melbourne Uni's International Medical Students' Society (IMSS) with the main objective of promoting interaction between international pharmacy students and international medical students of Melbourne University. There were many attractive prizes offered that night, some of which were won by VCP students.

6. Dance Workshop

To spice up life in VCP and to provide an alternative form of exercise to students at VCP, PISA organised Hip-hop classes for the students during the second semester of 2005. The affordably priced classes managed to pull a big number of participants and PISA will continue with the classes this year.

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Parkville International Students Association (PISA)
Victorian College of Pharmacy(MONASH UNIVERSITY)
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